It takes time

Lets talk about character according to kingdom world God expects each and everyone of us to build character according to the pattern set before us the pattern set by Jesus Christ himself. Ever thought of building a house? Believe me you have to lay bricks by bricks,so is building character it needs grace. We have to look for our weakness and by discovering our weak point we live by correcting them in accordance with the direction given by the bible “read your bible ”

I guess change is essential so through the reasoning power instilled in us we are able to build character.God desires each child of his to build a noble character of pure noble deeds.

When your house is finished look at it did you build it according to your preference so is it so hard to build a character??

What time do you wake up?

What happens next after waking up?

Do you have time to read your bible?

How often do you pray?

Its with this that you can build a character that will grow into a beautiful building for God and by doing this we must cultivate every power that is instilled in us and after building this….in Isaiah 27:3 it says “I the Lord do keep it; I will water it every moment:lest any hurt it,I will keep it night and day.

So why worry when God is there to help you grow your character it might seem hard but it only takes time change is a must do it for yourself


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