You still can Do it.

Guess what I don’t have a job and yes am surviving its by Gods grace ever looked for a job and just give up and yes I don’t have a laptop or a computer to post on my blog but I still do thanks to my broken phone I feel you should know you don’t have to have everything to spread the gospel the little you have use it.

Before starting my blog I was told you need to have a laptop or a computer to start your blog but hey!, not me if I want something so badly I go for it I believe in myself I know its possible I just give up on the way and actually here I am doing it am writing and updating my blog everyday

Just recently I went for a job interview according to people around me I was not qualified but I told myself I believe I can do it I believe am better I believe in myself and I went a head they asked me the essential interview questions and I answered with boldness they were all impressed but they couldn’t employ me why I still was not qualified I had no degree is it my fault that I don’t have a degree no… I believe some days I will study a course of my choice and graduate and go back to that company and present my Degree because I believe I can do it.

Don’t feel you are inferior and you can’t be heard you are capable you can do incredible things you can move mountain you can cross seas you can do that which the society thinks you can’t do hello just do it you never know where your luck lies


4 thoughts on “You still can Do it.”

  1. First of all Thank You for sharing such a powerful piece of inspiration. I am on my lunch break and reading your words which have added positive energy within me to finish my work day. ( 9 to 5) Not only that, sometime this evening I am going to continue to go hard with my research on acquiring some more passive streams of income. I am also trying blog as much as possible. Thanks!!

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  2. I do all my posts via my phone as well. It’s more convenient. Plus, I don’t have internet in my apartment. We all have to budget as I believe that if God wants us to do something, he makes abundant provisions so we can do it. That includes our intellect. My phone has become my computer. 😁


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