Showing love to the single mothers and dads

When I was little I though of getting married (I had my wedding gown in my mind like I had designed it myself and I used to tell my sibling about it) I dreamt of raising one big happy family, it was never my plan nor dream to raise my kids alone. But shit happens and when it happened I was caught of guard (unprepared)…am not the only one we are many single mother or rather call us the name you so badly want to name us, but one thing you all don’t know about single mothers is this…whatever the situations and circumstances that made us who we are it made us strong for we are zealous, we have fought many battles alone only our pillows can narrate our pain.
I remember when I gave birth to my second born baby I was not sure I was going to raise a human being all by myself… I felt worthless, I felt betrayed, I felt anger and above all I was disappointed with myself I actually though of the society I thought of what they will name me and talk about me I thought I had lost it all I was depressed I was ashamed I was angry with everyone around me…
At time I could fake my smile but I was dying inside I only needed the earth to swallow me but when I though of my First born baby, Liam I just couldn’t help but fight another day I had to face each day with a smile for him and for the baby on its way I just had to be strong for them with all the pain and heartache I had to do it for them I had to act strong for them… (Stick around for more of my stories and how you can heal from a break up).
So my Friends whenever you see a single mum struggling to make sure she provides for her babies remember there is a battle she alone is strongly fighting and so instead of judging her give her a hug its all she needs.
To all single mum over there…am here to support you am here to show you love and remind you, you are not alone keep on fighting, keep on raising that child in the right manner I believe we can do this

• Are you a single mum what are the challenges you face as a single mum let me know…(leave your comment or rather send me a mail I don’t mind)

• Were you raised by a single mum how was it…? (Leave your comment or mail me)

• Do you know of any single mum around you…? What have you done to help her erase the pain she is going through or are you among those judging them(comment or leave me a mail)

• Finally are you a deadbeat dad?? What makes you different from a drunkard man…(don’t take it at heart but they are the reason most mothers are single women right so if you are or you know of one leave a comment or send me mail I know what makes you or him a dead beat dad)

N/B:single mum’s or rather single parents need love not your criticism
So are single dad’s, in fact thumbs up to all single dad out there you are a rare species

Hope to you will be sticking around for I will be telling you more about single mums that you did not know .I love you all
(let’s stay connected I hope to see lots of comment and like and share)

Kindly remember prayers is key and you can also check out how my sister has managed to make me erase the pain I was felt on my YouTube channel


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