“You can’t use lust to produce the fruit of the Spirit”

“You cannot use worldly substance to run a Kingdom life”

“You can’t fellowship with the world and you begin to receive the things that eyes have not seen”

“You cannot conform to this world, and be able to prove the good the acceptable and perfect will of God”

There’s no more room for double mindedness, for a divided heart and an allegiance that is split between two kingdoms.

Being friendly with the world is creating enmity with the Father. “James 4:4″
The question of” what I’m I using? “made me realize there is a mindset and emotions of the heart that are still very active within me that needs to be changed, corrected and completely done away with.

If I desire the supernatural in my life, I must exert myself to use Epignosis

It is not the knowledge I know, it is the one I apply

This must go deep into the core of who I am if I am to express Truth.
I see that the greatest challenge is *taking responsibility* with Truth.
Jesus said “If you abide in My word *[hold fast to My teachings and live in accordance with them]*, you are truly My disciples. *And you will know the Truth, and the Truth will set you free.*
Freedom is in the Truth I apply.

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