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Achievement achievement is all am talking about its not much but its a step worth making shared my most liked post on Facebook


A woman in marriage

Am not yet married but I can talk about marriage with boldness

Marriage should be sacred for marriage is not for more than two people but for two And for a marriage to work we often look to you women even if the man is the one making the marriage not to work the society will always say it you the woman who is not putting your all in your work so woman this is from me put your all in your marriage be humble always stay happy even when all else is not working do your very best to see to it that you are giving your best.

Love your partner no matter what Love him with all his weakness don’t share your partners weakness to the community or your small group trust no one in building a strong relationship with your partner only trust yourself you are your own friend when it comes to your marriage hello women be you be real be open and above be a loving wife you can do this you can give your best you can make the world a better place cheers to trusting in yourself mama

Why Attend Church?

After service I came home so tired and I wanted just to lie down on my bed and sleep my babies were busy playing especially my two year old son he is every where nowadays that’s not the case I passed through my library and found this book *GROW journey to transformation* I guess you should all buy this book its life changing its by One of my favourite artist Brad Brucker I opened the 40th page and guess what boom the book or rather the chapter was all about *attending church* halleluiya I couldn’t help but go through the chapter word by word

I therefore realize when attending church regularly you welcome the holy spirit to lead you to abide in you by going to church it helps you build your relationship with God the father.

According to Hebrews 10:25 which says…”and let us not neglect our meeting together as some are in the habit of doing but encourage one another” so not going to church is actually worse. Making church attendance a priority is a really good habit.its a spiritual discipline that has a huge life long and eternal payoff.

According to Brad you and I are made for worship and all culture have sought to worship God a power greater than themselves.

In this manner we all should meditate on the parable of four soil how the farmer went to plant seed some fell on the rocky soil and some fell on thorny soil and some fell on fertile soil let us all meditate on this and I welcome anyone who has anything to add from this in my next post I will be explain more about this parable in the mean time let us all meditate

True riches

Prosperity is never about having plenty of money but having plenty enough to feed and help the less privileged. If the money you have is enough for you and your family but can’t help anyone outside your circle then you are BROKE. Riches are seen by the number of people you help and not by the luxuries you enjoy.


I think there’s nothing that can add to our significance other than Light. Darkness is the absence of light. When Light appears, darkness disappears.
As in Luke 2, Jesus grew strong in spirit and increased in wisdom and in stature.
We must increase in Light to have more impact to the increasing darkness in the world.
The scope of illumination of the candle light cannot equate to that of the flood lights, but the two bear light.
All creation is awaiting the illumination of the sons of God. We must therefore increase in Light for greater impact in the earth.


Indeed, the mind of God is far different from the mind of man.
There are things in life which are beyond our comprehension.
Most of the time we question God because we cannot see the
logic and purpose behind the things happening in life.
But, God works beyond logic and human understanding.
We just have to trust the God is in control, and everything
which is under His control will never go out of control.
Trust that He is in charge. He knows best! Good morning and a blessed Sunday with lots of love

Familiarities with his word no.

People tend to feel comfortable with something well structured and well run.That way there seems to have little need to seek the Lord for themselves.Their flesh can relax and trust that everything will be taken care of.Familiarity feels safe and secure and many believers really like the feeling.They don’t have to be exercised to seek God moment by moment.
God’s mercies are new every morning.Jesus was constantly doing something different every day.Everyday His Disciples could be surprised of where He might go,what He would do or say.If we are walking in His footsteps (want to be Christlike),we must not grow familiar with His word and process.